Fortuna is a video production company that specializes in producing high quality corporate videos. These videos are made to order in a way that, not only can you use them for your company presentations, but also for web publicity on various public channels.


We aim to produce corporate videos, business presentations and company profiles that would help, your businesses, in communicating better and more efficiently with the online users.


Not only do we aim to produce quality corporate videos that broadcast the right company image but we also produce business presentation videos and business profile videos that aim at enhancing your company image.


With a professional corporate video production team, we are a specialist in corporate video and experts in business presentations. We maintain a very high, HD quality, while producing the videos yet keep the sizes small for uninterrupted streaming of your corporate movies.


Computer Graphics is the base of our Animation wing and we ensure that every shot we produce is like if it was for our own brand. A lot of our artists have a love and hate relationship with each shot as-well.


Our reputations is built solely on the creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking of our artists. We try to recognise and nurture their talent and always endeavour to produce nationally and internationally appealing videos.



With advances in camera technology and the rise of video sites such as You-tube, more and more businesses are turning to video to promote themselves. However, most businesses do not yet recognize the benefits of having a professional video ad of their business on their website. Fortuna with its cutting edge technology provides great videos at affordable prices


Our Cost Effective Film & Related Services are as under.


Corporate Films

Company Profile , Product Showcase, Commemorative films,  Investor films,  Franchisee films,  Event AVI



Human Resource Development

Training films, Safety films, Employee Motivation films, Recruitment films, Induction films


Advertisement films

Satellite Channel Advts, Cable TV advts., Tele Shopping Advts., Internet Advts., Internet Virals



Other Services

Youtube management, Music Videos, Signature Tunes, TV Promos, User generated Testimonial Videos



In Store Video for Showrooms & Retails outlets

Sudesh Malik The promoter of Fortuna has graduated from Mastery University of Anthony Robins (USA) and has been engaged in marketing activity since the year 1991 and has helped many Indian and international companies set up their marketing team and systems in India. he has been a Brand Manager for a UAE based Perfume company having operations in 40 countries. Sudesh Malik is a corporate trainer and lakhs of marketeers have attended his workshop all over the country, he has also written a book “Secret of Sucess”.

Sudesh malik is also a founder director of Raja Videomatics Pvt. Ltd. a video post production company with its studio in Mumbai has delivered quality broadcast material for Sony televison, Zee Television, R.K Films and many others